2011 Review: Adobe Fireworks

2011 was great year for Adobe Fireworks. Let’s enjoy it together and have look back what happened. I collected some great tutorials, videos, link and resources so you can have a better overview.

1 Adobe Fireworks Interviews Website
2 Fireworks Lab Webiste
3 Daily Button Webiste
4 The Endless Fireworks vs. Photoshop Battle Article
5 Fireworks Zone Website
6 Webportio Website
7 45 Excellent and Useful Adobe Fireworks Tutorials Article/Tutorials
8 Fireworks guru forums Community
9 Designmesk Website
10 Fireworks Wishlist Website
11 Web Design Tuts: Adobe Fireworks Series Tutorials
12 75 Powerful Adobe Fireworks Extensions – It really can be as Great as Photoshop! Article
13 A Case for Adobe Fireworks against Photoshop and Illustrator Article
14 Wireframing & Prototyping with Adobe Fireworks – Resources and Tutorials Article
15 Adobe TV: Adobe Fireworks Videos
16 8 essential Fireworks tips for web design Article/Tutorials
17 Why More and More Designers are Switching to Fireworks Article
18 Sharp UI Set – autch, so ego 😛 Freebie
19 Building a jQuery Mobile Theme With Adobe Fireworks Tutorial
20 Adobe Fireworks for Beginners Article/Tutorial
21 How to Create a Grunge Polaroid Photo in Adobe Fireworks Tutorial
22 How to Design a Clean Website Template From Scratch in Adobe Fireworks Tutorial
23 Pixel Art Swatch Project Freebie
24 Creating Smooth Edges in Adobe Fireworks Tutorial
25 Touch Application Prototypes (TAP). For iPhone and iPad, using Adobe Fireworks Article
26 48 FREE 16×16 Pictograms Freebie
27 7 Reasons Why I Choose Fireworks Over Photoshop Article
28 Letterpress Text Styles Freebie
29 More Proof! How I used Adobe Fireworks CS5 to Design a Simple Website Article
30 Creating jQuery Mobile website themes in Fireworks using the CSS3 Mobile Pack Tutorial

Of Course that’s not all. Find more about Adobe Fireworks at Twitter or Google. Also you can leave link to the comment section.

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